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Davy Lyons is an Irish songwriter, musician, poet, and actor. Family gatherings in his childhood, where music was always vital, are the root of his creative endeavours. His first dream was to become a professional footballer. Having completed Masters degree in law at University College Dublin, Lyons abandoned the gavel for the guitar and began a spiritual journey across Europe that brought him to live and make wine in a Tuscan castle and stay for four months in the mythic Parisian bookshop, Shakespeare & Co.

In 2016, he moved to Barcelona where he began playing on the street. His live shows developed a reputation as intense, binding, and unique experiences for the audience, an intimate journey where words and melodies come together, where silences are allowed to reverberate. Sound poems written with the fountain pen of Lyons’ soul with brushstrokes of folk, jazz, and gypsy added by his band.

In 2019 he released his first album, Evidence. ’Amen’ is the first offering from his second record, ‘The Human Factor’ produced by compatriot David Duffy. The album will be released in Feb 2023 with Dutch label King Forward Records.

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Management: davylyonsmgmt@gmail.com

Record Label: frank@kingforwardrecords.com